I have a new style Fiesta on a 55 plate. Last Thursda...


I have a new style Fiesta on a 55 plate. Last Thursday, I parked the vehicle in Stansted long stay car park.Last night, on our return, we noticed that the left hand side of the instrument panel- the rev counter- had cracked. The vehicle had not moved. On contacting our local dealer, he informed me that the any repair would be out of warranty as it was deemed as trim. On taking the car to our local body repair specialist, he said that in his opinion the unit had be under heat stress - caused by the high temperatures; he also pointed out that the same was now starting to occur on the right - the speedometer. He said that clearly the unit was not meeting its design specs. Could you please advise me if this is a known problem.


Hi, that is the first i have heard of this concern Regards ian

Asked on 31 Jul 2008

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