Hi I have a Ford Ka 1.3 2008 Reg. Recently the car ha...


Hi I have a Ford Ka 1.3 2008 Reg. Recently the car has developed a small coolant leak, requiring a weekly top up, but there are no visible signs of leakage - external drips etc. I have tried the expensive radweld in case there was a head gasket leak (oil on dipstick is still clean and there is no 'gunk' on the oil filler cap) Some time ago the heater control could not turn down the heater, so the heater valve was changed but he problem persisted. I think that this is a duff electrical control on the interior panel, so I am looking for a replacement part. Do you think the coolant loss is related to this fault, or could you suggest possible causes/remedies for the loss of antifreeze? Thank you


Check for external leaks from the cooling system it could be the water pump, it is impossible to see a leak from the water pump from above

Asked on 05 Nov 2014

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