I have a 1999 (V) Focus 1.8 tddi that has done 87000 ...


I have a 1999 (V) Focus 1.8 tddi that has done 87000 miles. I have noticed that there is a significant amount of oil in the intercooler and also an amount of oil in both of the pipes leading from the intercooler. There is a similar amount of oil in both pipes, but slightly more in the one leading to the turbo. The car emits quite a lot of black smoke under full throttle and feels a little sluggish. Other than it drives as usual. Fuel economy is unaffected. What do you think could be causing this?


You will always find oil in these pipes, but without seeing the vehicle i would not be able to say if it is exessive. does the engine use a lot of oil if not it could be normal, black smoke is normaly a fuel problem injectors sticking or egr problem. if it was burning oil it would be more blue in colour and you would smell it

Asked on 27 Jul 2008

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