i have a ka 51 plate, about 3 months ago i noticed th...


i have a ka 51 plate, about 3 months ago i noticed that the water was leaking, however topping it up once a week seemed to keep the problem at bay. then one day on the way to work the inlet manifold gasket finally gave way and we realised with the help of green flag and my local mechanic that this had been the problem all along. so happy it was fixed ive been driving about for two weeks. then this morning when i went to my car i noticed the ground was damp. sure enough its leaking again, not sure where from. but is this a car fault, or was the job not done properly in the first place, loath to pay to have the same problem fixed two weeks later!! if it is their fault will they make me pay a second time???


I would hope the garage would look at the vehicle andsee what has happened, no this is not a common problem

Asked on 22 Jul 2008

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