Hello All, I would appreciate suggestions for the pos...


Hello All, I would appreciate suggestions for the possible cause and solution to an electrical issue. I recently bought a Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.4 TDCi (09). When I returned home I notice the near-side door mirror indication wasn't working. It folds on lock but the light didn't work. I removed the outer casing and replaced the bulb. This didn't fox the problem but then I noticed further back into the mirror a cable was un-plugged so I corrected this and hey presto. I tested the lights using the hazard button, which worked perfectly. When locking/unlocking the car the mirrors fold in/out and the indicator lights pulse as they should. Unfortunately I have noticed the wing mirror light stays on permanently when the car is running. I am a little stumped as they appeared to work correctly for the tests I did. Any suggestions to the case would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, -Duncan


sorry would need to check the vehicle ourselves

Asked on 18 Jan 2016

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