when I enter 2006 Mazda 2, Ford comes up - probably b...


when I enter 2006 Mazda 2, Ford comes up - probably because, at the time, Ford owned a proportion of Mazda and there are common parts used in both so, I am hoping that the problem that we have, with our 2006 Mazda 2, is one that is shared with the Ford Fiesta. We have never had any problems with the electronics so, when today, after using the car all morning, it would not start. Underneath the mileage digital display, the letters EAC came up. The breakdown man, after having checked all the fuses, said that it was the immobiliser and towed me home. When I turn the key, I can hear a clicking noise - near the bonnet release lever in the passenger well - followed by a whirring noise. I, honestly, don't think that he really knew what the problem was, and was clutching at straws. Can anyone give me some indication of what might be wrong? Thank you so much.


start at the basics battery, starter

Asked on 02 Sep 2014

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