Hi,Ford Focus 1.6 i 16v Zetec 5dr 61000 mile CK04MYP,...


Hi,Ford Focus 1.6 i 16v Zetec 5dr 61000 mile CK04MYP, when should the c/belt be changed and what else at the same time


Hi your vehicle does not have a cam belt so no change required. Addition items Brake system - Every 2 years - Renew brake fluid Air conditioning - Every 3 years - Check temperature at the evaporator outlet tube. Check air conditioning lines for damage and leaks Cooling system - Every 4 years - Check/clean pressure cap, renew if there is seal deterioration Cooling system - Every 10 years - Drain, flush and refill with purple Super Plus Auxiliary drive belts - Every 100 000 miles/10 years - Renew front belt

Asked on 04 Feb 2016

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