I have a ford focus style 58 1.6 tdci and now every m...


I have a ford focus style 58 1.6 tdci and now every morning usually when I am in a low gear setting off at a junction or when I am accelerating to change up a gear the power cuts out. The car doesn't stall and it is almost impossible to tell that the power has gone as the car just cruises for a while until I realise that there is no power. When I turn the ignition off and on the car seems to work again. I have taken it to a garage and they have confirmed that there are no errors or faults showing and have no idea what it could be. Obviously this is a dangerous thing especially as it always happens when I am taking my son to school. Someone has suggested that it could need a new fuel filter, does this sound like a possibility.


Hi we would need to check the vehicle over as it could be a number of things, yes it could be a filter

Asked on 08 Feb 2016

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