Drink Driving – Recommended Responsible Action and UK Laws

Jennings Motor Group is leading the way in calling for drivers to be more responsible when it comes to alcohol.

Despite repeated calls from road safety campaigners, for drivers to never get behind the wheel after consuming more booze than is legal, there are still thousands of drink-driving convictions across the country.

And, as this infographic, using extensive police data shows, the issue of drink-driving is worse during the festive season – with some areas more affected than others.

Calling for drivers to be more responsible when it comes to alcohol and drink driving and the UK Law

But how many people know what they are legally able to do to stop someone, they suspect is about to drink drive, from getting behind the wheel of a car?

Jennings has spoken to a specialist solicitor to find out – and created this video to help educate the public.

The impact of a drink driving conviction is huge – not only does it means a fine, driving ban or even jail for the perpetrator, it can also cause serious injury to victims and distress to the emergency service teams, who attend the scene of an accident.

Jennings has also spoken to three people who have been affected by drink driving in someway:

Charlotte was convicted of drink driving when she was 18:
"I can safely say it was the biggest mistake of my life and I have regretted it every day since."

Paramedic Chris Porsz:
“There are so many incidents over the years that I’ve seen, some of which were truly horrible. Paramedics don’t talk about these things very often - but we are the ones who pick up the pieces.”

Paralympian, Simon Richardson, was knocked off his bike by a drink driver in 2011:
"I have no recollection of that entire year as my long- and short-term memory has been affected forever."

Dale Gillespie, digital marketing manager at Jennings Motor Group, said:
"The issue of drink driving during the festive period is highlighted every year, however the shocking statistics we have gathered from the police make it all the more real and we want to ensure people know exactly how much this problem is affecting their region and what they can do if they suspect someone is going to drink and drive.

"Please remember to find a designated driver, leave your keys at home, or book a taxi. The money spent on that journey is drastically minute in comparison to how negatively your life could change being involved in a drink driving accident.”

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