LED and Adaptive Lights

As well as being stunning to look at, Ford LED and Adaptive Lights are smart technology. Delivering a precise light pattern, the brilliant natural light provides an exceptional illumination. This includes practical Daytime running lights.

With hazards potentially around every corner, Ford has developed innovative lighting technology that can see around corners and track other moving traffic. Adjusting new Bi-Xenon HID headlamps, the system automatically adjusts the beam angle to meet the layout of the road travelling on. With seven settings available depending on speed, distance to the blocking object and steering angle, the system also adapts the car’s ambient lighting.

At higher speeds, a longer straighter beam is selected to increase visibility ahead, while at lower speeds, such as urban areas, the beam is lowered to create a more intense light of the immediate road ahead. Detecting when the Ford vehicle is travelling around a corner, the Adaptive Headlights project the beam towards the curb to increase cyclist and pedestrian visibility.