Kia Adaptive Cruise Control

Using a built-in radar to constantly monitor the road ahead, Kia Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to set the speed of your Kia and the distance between you and the car in front.  If the speed of that car reduces then your speed automatically reduces accordingly to maintain the pre-set safe distance.  Once the car is detected as increasing in speed then your Kia will return to the pre-set speed limit.

Also, once the lane that you are travelling is seen to be clear due to traffic leaving the lane then the Kia will also accelerate to the requested speed limit.*

In addition to this the same will apply if a vehicle on the road in front of you stops! Your KIA will come to a stop as well. When the traffic begins to pick up speed, again, so will you.

These actions are taken if the driver doesn’t already react, so if the driver engages with the vehicle the cruise control will be deactivated.

*Kia Technology is available on certain Kia models – speak to a member of our Kia sales team for further information on 0333 414 9750 or express interest with us through an Online enquiry.

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