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Kia Parking Made Simple

Manoeuvring manually into tight spaces is a thing of the past with Kia Parking Technology. Find out more about Kia Parking Assistance at Jennings Kia.

Smart Park Assist System*

Helping you to judge parking space sizes via 10 cameras on the front and rear of the car, it searches automatically for a space to Parallel Park in. Once the car has identified that there is a suitable space to park in it will then drive itself in to the space – all the driver needs to do is operate the speed of the car and adjust the gears. 

360o Around View Monitor*

Using a number of wide angled cameras around the front, rear and sides of the Kia, a comprehensive birds eye view is created that is displayed on a centrally located monitor on the dashboards. Using these images you can check space around the car when parking or moving at slow speeds.

*Kia Parking Technology is available on certain Kia models – speak to a member of our Kia sales team for further information.

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