MAZDA Adaptive LED Headlights

Part of the Mazda technology includes Adaptive LED headlights, this feature has three options that are adapted to different lighting scenarios.

The first being Glare-free High Beams, this setting automatically lowers the intensity of the beam to avoid dazzling passing drivers, reducing the chance of a collision or accident.  

The second setting offers a Wide-Range Low Beams, which cover move ground than the regular headlights, these lights are available when travelling at lower speeds. This creates a wider range of view in the dark, allowing you to see not only hazards in your path but those in the surrounding areas.

The last function allows you to see further with stronger beams, raising the axis of illumination. The appropriately named, Highway Mode is activated when the vehicle exceeds speeds of approximately 60 MPH helping the driver to see hazards and road signs earlier.

*Mazda Technology is available on certain Mazda models – speak to a member of our Mazda sales team for further information on 0333 414 9750 or express interest with us through an Online enquiry.

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