MAZDA All-Wheel-Drive

Mazda vehicles also provide an All-wheel-Drive feature, ensuring that no matter what weather or road conditions the vehicle will adapt to a new driving style. Using the vehicles built in 27 sensors to check the road conditions up to 200 times every second to provide maximum safety and economical driving.

The vehicle has an intelligent active torque which constantly adapts to the road conditions with the go-ahead of the All-Wheel-Drive system, ensuring your Mazda is sending the appropriate grip and power signal to the wheels.

This feature makes for a more comfortable driving experience no matter what journey, the automatic transition of traction allows the driver to feel confident behind the wheel, knowing the vehicle will adapt to its environment.

*Mazda Technology is available on certain Mazda models – speak to a member of our Mazda sales team for further information on 0333 414 9750 or express interest with us through an Online enquiry.

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