MAZDA Smart Brake Support

Smart City Brake Support helps to prevent low velocity impacts when moving at slower speeds around the busier areas. SCBS uses laser sensors in the centre of the front windscreen to detect other cars or obstacles in the vehicles path. Upon an encounter with either of the above, the vehicle will slowly apply the brakes as well as reducing the engine output, reading the situation even before the driver.

This feature is activated between speeds of 4 to 30 mph and is triggered when the system calculates the possibility of a collision, the brakes are only applied in the scenario that the driver does not react in time to the situation.

In the event of a collision the system is built to either avoid or if that isn’t going to be possible, lessen the severity of the accident. At slower speeds the system will deliver the maximum stopping power when the driver does not appear to act first.

*Mazda Technology is available on certain Mazda models – speak to a member of our Mazda sales team for further information on 0333 414 9750 or express interest with us through an Online enquiry.

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