Ford Active Park Assist


Ford Active Park Assist Technology

Reverse parking into tight spaces can often be seen as a hassle and difficult – this is removed by using Ford Active Park Assist. Reducing the risk of accidents when parking, Active Park Assist allows you to park in tight spaces without touching the steering wheel.


How Does Ford Active Park Assist work?

Activated by simply pressing a button on the dashboard, ultrasonic sensors measure the area around the car to identify if it is possible to parallel park. Once the area has been identified as large enough the system takes control of the car and steers into the space with the driver operating the pedals as normal.

Which Ford cars have Ford Active Park Assist available?

The Ford Active Park Assist is currently available on new Ford Focus, Ford C-Max, Ford Grand C-Max and Ford Kuga as part of the Jennings Motor Group new car range.

Further Ford Active Park Assist Information

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