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Ford Fiesta review


For The Ford Fiesta is great to drive. It rides comfortably and handles with great panache. It's stylish inside and out, and there are some cracking discounts available.

Against It trails some rivals for versatility and standard equipment is a bit stingy on cheaper trims.

What Car? says   5 out of 5 STARS

The Ford Fiesta is an utterly brilliant supermini that excels in all the important areas. In fact, it’s our Supermini of the Year 2014.

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Whatcar best supermini Ford Fiesta review

BEST SUPERMINI 2014 review

"The best superminis are affordable, cheap to run and fun to drive, but which should you go for? "

"The Ford Fiesta is one of the best cars Ford has ever produced. It’s a truly brilliant supermini, combining a class-leading driving experience with great mpg fuel economy and a stylish, modern design to eclipse rivals like the Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo. " says =   5 out of 5 STARS BEST Supermini 2014.

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BEST SMALL CAR 2014 New Car Awards

"The Ford Fiesta is a supermini in a class of its own – it looks stylish, it's great fun to drive and it's economical, too."

"In fact, we’ve been so impressed with it we’ve awarded it Best Small Car in the CarBuyer New Car Awards for the last three years in a row." says =   4.7 out of 5 STARS BEST Small car 2014.

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