Kia EcoDynamics Explained

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions play part of the decision making process for many when looking for a new car. With this in mind Kia has been working on ways to improve fuel consumption and reducing your carbon foot print across the new Kia range*, grouping all the Intelligent Stop and Go (ISG) technology under the heading of Kia EcoDynamics.


Helping save up to 12% more fuel by simply switching off the car engine when stationary, Kia’s Intelligent Stop and Go (ISG) simply cuts the engine when stationary either in heavy traffic or when at a red light. Simply remove your foot from the clutch and the engine will restart allowing you to continue on your journey. 

Why choose Kia EcoDynamics?

  • Save money and reduce your Co2 levels with Intelligent Stop Go technology
  • Reduce fuel via less road friction with V-Let energy saving tyres
  • Change gear at the optimum point via the Gearshift indicator
Jennings Motor Group Kia EcoDynamics

*EcoDynamics is available on certain Kia models – speak to a member of our Kia sales team for further information.