Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger

    New Kia Stinger

    All-New Kia Stinger

    Introducing the All-New Kia Stinger

    A pure GT in spirit and built to offer an exhilarating driving experience, the All-New Kia Stinger is an exclusive saloon. Powered by a tuned 3.3l V6 engine that produces an impressive 365bhp and a 0-62mph time of 5.1 seconds, the performance that you would expect matches the stunning design.

    With five doors, the All-New Kia Stinger pays homage to grand tourers designed to combine panache, speed and the ultimate comfort expected when travelling longer distances. Already awarded the prestigious Eyes on Design award for Production Car Design Excellence at the North American International Auto Show, the All-New Kia Stinger exudes style, power and comfort.


    Nothing about the Kia Stinger is half-hearted. With finely tuned and refined characteristics, it features muscular haunches, front air curtains and rear diffuser that enrich the look while cleverly providing aerodynamic efficiency.

    Elegant interior

    A roomy interior exudes all that is required by a serious driver. Creating a calming atmosphere, the controls and display are precisely positioned.  Featuring a state of the art connectivity and information system, the All-New Kia Stinger includes 15 high-performance speakers as well as a Harman-Kardon® surround-sound audio system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow seamless interaction with the Kia Connected Services.

    All-New Kia Stinger Interior

    Intelligent technology

    Featuring impressive technology that matches the characteristics of the All-New Kia Stinger, benefits from Driver Assist Alert and Advanced Smart Cruise Control. Detecting the possibility of a collision, Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Braking intervenes with partial or complete brake application when required.

    All-New Stinger Exterior Design

    All-New Kia Stinger All-New Kia Stinger

    Precision drive

    Offering a precision tuned high-performance experience that lives up to all the expectation, the All-New Kia Stinger drive matches the expectation of the design. With the ability to predict driver input, the All-New Kia Stinger benefits from Dynamic Stability Damping Control and Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control. Choose a mode that suits your individual drive: Eco, Comfort, Smart, Sport and Sport+.

    All-New Kia Stinger All-New Kia Stinger
    Kia Stinger at Jennings Kia

    Further Information

    Discover the All-New Kia Stinger at Jennings Kia Washington and Stockton. For further information or to book a test drive, call 0333 414 9750 to speak to a member of the team.