Mazda Advanced Safety Technology

With an array of advanced technology across the new Mazda range engineered from the ground up, each car comes with high levels of comfort and safety. From Smart City Brake Support that is designed to minimise the impact of low speed collisions to Blind Spot Monitoring System that takes the stress out of urban driving, Mazda offers safety and all round protection for you and your family.*

Lane Departure Warning System

Using a front-view camera, the road ahead is monitored by calculating the car’s position in relation to the markings on the road. If the system detects that the car is about to or has moved out of the lane then a warning sound alerts the driver to the situation.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda Technology Lane Departure Warning System

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Designed to alert you to obstacles or moving cars, a warning light and audio sound alerts you to anything in the way when looking to reverse. Once the area to the rear is clear then the alerts will cease allowing you to safely reverse.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda Technology Rear Cross Traffic Alert

High Beam Technology

Automatically sensing traffic conditions ahead, High Beam Control switches between low and high beam preventing you from blinding other drivers on the road. Once the road is identified as clear then High Beam will automatically be re-applied.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda Technology High Beam technology

Blind Spot Monitoring System

When a situation is detected either 7 metres away on either side or up to 45 metres behind your Mazda car, a door-mirror mounted warning light on the relevant side is activated. If you have your indicator active then a sound is produced for added safety.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda Technology Blind Spot Monitoring

Adaptive LED Headlights: Highway Mode

The angle of the low beam is raise when driving long distances on motorways to increase long distance visibility.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda Technology Adaptive LED Headlights

Adaptive LED Headlights: Wide Range Low Beam

When travelling at slow speeds the headlight beam will extend on both  sides of the vehicle where traditional lights will not reach making it easier to see pedestrians and other road obstacles at night.

Smart City Brake Support

If the risk of a collision is detected by the automatic monitoring system then the brakes are automatically applied/ engine output reduced to limit the chance of a collision.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda Technology Smart City Brake Support

*Please speak to a member of our Mazda team on 0333 414 9750 for individual Mazda model technology features as they may vary.