What is Mazda SKYACTIV?

Motorists have never been as conscious of fuel efficiency, emission levels and keeping the cost of driving down. With this at the heart of Mazda SKYACTIV Technology has been developed – an approach that reimagines a car from the ground up.

With the mission of making driving more fun and embracing new technologies including body, chassis, transmissions and engines, Mazda’s latest cars deliver superb fuel economy and produce low emissions whilst still being fun to drive.



Mazda SKYACTIV Explained

When looking to improve fuel efficiency without effecting performance Mazda decided to start at the bottom up and created Mazda SKYACTIV. Featuring the leading compression ratios in mass production cars, light weight chassis, superb fuel efficiency and outstanding fuel efficiency, Mazda SKYACTIV is truly ground breaking.   


Precise and comfortable handling

Offering agility and stability in the perfect balance, the ultra-light weight SKYACTIV-CHASSIS has exceptional handling and a comfortable ride. Responsive steering predicts driver input adding Mazda’s “Fun to drive” element.

Soulful body

SKYACTIV-BODY utilises lightweight high-tensile steel to create outstanding crash protection as well as reducing fuel consumption and producing a responsive and rewarding drive.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda SKYACTIV Technology

Increased power to the wheels

Improved fuel efficiency lighter and more compact engines deliver smooth acceleration and torque whether they are the SKYACTIV-MT manual or SKYACTIV-Drive automatic option.

Benchmark performance

SKYACTIV-G petrol and SKYACTIV-D diesel engines across the range deliver highly impressive fuel efficiency and low CO2 levels due to the reduction in weight. All the latest Mazda engines include i-stop technology that switches the engine off when stationary for superior fuel efficiency levels.


Key Features of Mazda SKYACTIV


New Body Chassis

A reduced weight chassis to increase efficiency and fuel economy without effecting 


Brake energy storage system that stores energy in a regenerative system rather than a traditional battery.

New Energy Technology

Highly efficient petrol and diesel engines with increased fuel efficiency by reducing energy waste.

Improved Transmission

Introduction of new generation manual and automatic transmissions that transfer more power to the wheels

Diesel Efficiency

Cleaner diesel engines that have increase fuel efficiency, lower weight and increased torque. 


Directly using fuel injection techniques rather than traditional electric motors, i-Stop re-starts the engine almost instantly leading to significant increases in fuel efficiency.

Jennings Motor Group Mazda SKYACTIV Chassis Jennings Motor Group Mazda SKYACTIV engine

Mazda SKYACTIV Technology is currently available with new Mazda3Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 cars at Jennings Motor Group. 

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