Mitsubishi Forward Collision Mitigation

Using a built in Radar Mitsubishi Forward Collision Mitigation monitors both the speed of any vehicle in front and the distance that it is travelling from your car.  When the potential of an impact or collision is detected then a striking audio sound is initially omitted and pre billing the braking system to improve the braking capabilities. If the potential for a collision increases then the brakes are automatically applied to reduce any impact or remove it all together.  


The speed that you are travelling at, the road conditions and distance of the vehicle in front effect the Mitsubishi Forward Collision Mitigation system and drivers should stay alert to the traffic in front and take necessary actions to avoid collisions.

Jennings Motor Group - Mitsubishi Forward Collision Mitigation

Holding the FCM button on the dashboard for three seconds can deactivate the system but will automatically reactivate each time the Mitsubishi is restarted. The Forward Collision Mitigation system operates at speeds of up to 18mph – for further information speak to a member of the Mitsubishi sales team on 0333 414 97850.

Mitsubishi Forward Collision Mitigation is available on the new Mitsubishi Outlander and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – please speak to a member of our Mitsubishi sales team for individual model specifications that feature it.