Ford Transit Courier

Ford Transit Courier

    New Ford Transit Courier

    Ford Transit Courier

    Combining car like looks and van like practicality, the all new Ford Transit Courier is truly built for purpose. The streamline body gives the Ford Courier a modern look and improved fuel efficiency with a class leading 967 g/km of C02 emissions.

    Ford Transit Custom

    With a best in class turning circle, it is ideal for tight corners, narrow busy streets and parking in tight spaces. Even with its small appearance the Transit Courier has a load area of an impressive 2.4 cu. m – an impressive 10% more than other vans in the same class. Ford’s folding passenger seat option give the Courier a load length of 2.59m.

    An ergonomically designed cabin has been crafted to offer car like comfort with the durability that you would expect from a Ford van. All controls are close to hand including a clever Device Dock that firmly holds a Sat Nav or mobile phone on top of the instrument panel. 

    Ford Transit Courier Interior Ford Transit Courier Interior

    Load management

    Built to maximise available cargo space, the Ford Courier is built to stow long items including planks, pipes and ladders safely inside up to 2.59m using the folding passenger seat. Side wall mounted tie points keep loads secure along with head and waist height body side fixings. Loading is also made easier with load space lighting fitted as standard – LED ultra-bright lighting is available as an extra if required. 


    Fuel efficient engines

    Featuring fuel efficient petrol and diesel engine options, the all-new Transit Courier benefits from class leading C02 emissions starting at just 96 g/km. Delivering 100PS the 1.0 3-cylinder EcoBoost petrol option delivers the power expected from a conventional 1.6 litre engine but archives 24% better fuel economy and CO2 levels of 115g/km – a reduction of 25% when utilising Auto Start Stop.   

    Ford Transit Courier Interior

    Transit Courier Storage Capacity and Measurements



    • Overall length: 4157mm 
    • Roof height: 1770mm 
    • Loadbox volume with fixed bulkhead: 1.9/2.3cu.m (VDA/SAE) 
    • Loadbox volume with foldable mesh bulkhead: 2.4/2.6cu.m (VDA/SAE) 
    • Loadthrough: 2.59m 
    • Max Payload approx.: 663kg
    • Max Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 1795kg 
    • Seats: Two


    • Overall length: 4157mm 
    • Roof height: 1770mm 
    • Loadbox volume: 0.7/1.0cu.m with seats in place, 1.7/1.9cu.m with 2nd row seats tumbled (VDA/SAE)
    • Loadthrough: 1.4m to back of front seats
    • Max Payload approx.: 577kg 
    • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 1780kg 
    • Seats: Five