Ford Transit Dimensions

Below are the metric and imperial measurements for the Ford Transit commercial range

Ford Transit range inside vehicle measurements

FORD CONNECT 4'6 ft 4 ft 3'7 ft 3'7 ft 5'4 ft
  1.42m 1.20m 1.15m 1.15m 1.64m
FORD TRANSIT  6'5 ft 4'5 ft 4'6 ft 4'8 ft


SWB 1.75m 1.35m 1.36m 1.40m 8' ft
FORD TRANSIT  6'5 ft 4'5 ft 5'5 ft

5'9 ft

8' f
SWB SEMI HI 1.75m 1.35m 1.66m 1.76m 2.40m
FORD TRANSIT  6'0 ft 4'8 ft 5'9 ft 1.88m 13'0 ft
LWB 1.83m 1.37m 1.76m 6'2 ft 3.95m
FORD 15 SEATER  6'5 ft NA 6'0 ft 6'2 ft 10'09 ft
MINIBUS 1.75m NA 1.53m 1.60m 3.27m
FORD LUTON  6'9 ft NA 6'9 ft 7'6 ft 13'9 ft
LWB NON TALIFT/TAILIFT 2.0m NA 1.89 m 2.60m 4.10m


Ford Transit Range Outside Vehicle Dimensions

FORD CONNECT 5'4 ft 5'11 ft 13'9 ft
  1.63m 1.80m 4.22m
FORD TRANSIT SWB 6'9 ft 6'4 ft 15'4 ft
  1.90m 1.93m 4.67m
FORD TRANSIT SWB SEMI HI 6'2 ft 6'5 ft 16' ft
  1.83m 1.60m 5.50m
FORD TRANSIT LWB 6'5 ft 8'2 ft 16'3 ft
  1.96m 2.49m 5.56m
FORD TRANSIT LWB SEMI HI 6'9 ft 7'4 ft 15'4 ft
  1.90m 2.03m 4.67m
FORD LUTON LWB NON TALIFT/TAILIFT 6'9 ft 12'2 ft 21'6 ft
  1.90m 3.42m 6.97m
FORD 15 SEATER MINIBUS 6'9 ft 7'5 ft 19' ft
  1.90m  2.26m 5.80m


The above tables give the approximate measurements for the latest Ford Transit Commercial range. For full details about the new Ford transit dimensions and measurements speak to a member of the Ford Transit Centre team on 0333 414 9750.

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