SEAT Electrical Tow Bar

The SEAT Electrical Tow Bar is trigged by a button in the boot of the vehicle, this button unfolds the tow bar for the driver push it safely into place. The button also releases the tow bar when the driver is finished for the driver again, to push it gently back into the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Minimal effort is required to use the Electrical tow bar, but it needs to be secured by hand, simply to ensure it is safely operated. 

Keeping the Tow Bar stowed away until use makes the vehicle appear more seamless and compact, however having the Tow Bar available makes the car more useful and gives it an extra feature over vehicles of the same style and category.

*SEAT Technology is available on certain SEAT models – speak to a member of our SEAT sales team for further information on 0333 414 9750 or express interest with us through an Online enquiry.

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