SEAT Key-less Enter and Go (Kessy)

KESSY uses a radio frequency transmitter along-side the on-board central locking system to give the driver maximum convenience. The keyless entry requires the key to be on the driver’s person and not particularly in the driver’s hand. The key holds ID recognition which is recognized when the key is 1.5m from the car and automatically unlocks the vehicle when the door handle or boot lid is triggered.

Another feature of the remote keyless entry is the SEAT Heartbeat function, for this the key does not have to be in the vehicle ignition to enable driving. The engine is started via a button rather than physically using the key as long as the key is on/near the drivers person or stored in the passenger compartment. The start button will illuminate when this function is available upon approaching the vehicle. The same techinque applies to switch the vehicle off - Upon exiting the vehicle, a small button on the door handle should be pressed in order to lock it, however the key can be used as a regular central locking remote if this is what the driver would prefer. 

*SEAT Technology is available on certain SEAT models – speak to a member of our SEAT sales team for further information on 0333 414 9750 or express interest with us through an Online enquiry.

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