Air Conditioning Refresh

Having a well serviced Air Conditioning System can help improve even the most stressful of journeys. But when it is not serviced on a regular basis the performance can be affected and ultimately become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria, create unwanted smells and result in allergic reactions.

Clean Filters

To benefit from maximum performance from your Air Conditioning it is vital that your system has clean filters. It is vital to prevent build up that blocks the pollen filters – replacing the filters can improve the air quality within the car and protect passengers from dust and exhaust emissions.

Why Jennings Motor Group?

Our Air Conditioning service uses the latest manufacturer technology to ensure that your car in the best possible place and receives the highest level of service. Using manufacturer approved technicians our service staff are highly trained and have full knowledge of each car they service.

To speak to a member of our service team directly please contact 0191 357 5296 or complete the form below to be contacted back at a time that is suitable for you.


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