Remembering to check your oil on a regular basis can help your car run more effectively and efficiently. Working as lubricant, the oil protecting parts of your engine and allowing them to move freely and maintain the cars performance. If the oil levels drop below the minimum levels the remaining oil has to work harder and will wear out a quicker rate.

Checking Your Oil

You should check your oil on a regular basis, you can find out how in your car handbook. It is recommended that you check your oil weekly basis – if you have any questions about your cars oil levels feel free to contact one of our trained service centre staff.

How To Check Your Oil

  • Switch off your engine and leave for around five minutes
  • Locate the car's dip stick and wipe it clean
  • Re-dip stick and take reading
  • If reading less than minimum read car handbook on how to add oil and how much is required
  • Remove oil filter cap and carefully pour the required amount
  • Allow at least 60 seconds and re check your oil level – add more oil if required

Let Jennings Motor Group Check For You

If you don't feel comfortable checking yourself then you can call in to any Jennings Motor Group Site for one of our staff to check for you and top up your oil if required.

Speak to our expert staff on 0191 357 5296 for further details. Alternatively complete the enquiry form below and a member of our service team will contact you back.


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