Parking Sensors

Jennings Motor Group can supply and install Parking Sensors to fit most make or model of vehicle. Helping to detect vehicles and other obstacles behind your vehicle, you can fit safely into spaces that otherwise may have looked daunting. With cars now longer and wider on average, it is easy to misjudge a space and scuff or dent your car by hitting another car object.

Using ultrasonic technology embedded in the rear bumper, Parking Sensors bounce sound waves off obstacles causing the system to beep frantically as they get closer to the moving car. The sensors even detect objects when your vehicle is stationary.

Why Fit Parking Sensors?

  • Increase driver confidence when parking
  • Makes drivers aware of obstacles out of view when reversing
  • Prevent accidents
  • Preventing one accident is cheaper than paying excess when claiming on insurance

How Much Do Parking Sensors Cost?

Jennings Motor Group supply and fit Parking Sensors. For further information, to book an appointment.

Peace Of Mind

Jennings Motor Group offer a peace of mind free exhaust checking service that inspects the condition of your exhaust as well as the catalytic converter.

if you have any questions please call 0191 357 5296 to speak to member of the body shop team. Alternatively complete the enquiry form below and a member of our service team will contact you back.


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