Service Plans Explained

What Is A Service Plan?

A service plan from Jennings Motor Group allows you to spread the cost of servicing by paying simple monthly payments - starting at only £12.52 per month*. With monthly payments via Direct Debit directly taken from your account, there will be no large servicing costs when your servicing is due. The plans can be tailored to any make or model of car whatever the age - simply call 0191 357 5296

How Much Will A Service Plan Cost For My Car?

Service plan start at £12.52 a month but cost varies depending on make, model and age of your vehicle. Please contact our expert servicing team on 0191 357 5296 or get an online quote.

How Long Will A Service Plan Last?

Service plans typically cover a 24 month period. An example plan is an initial payment of £12.54 followed by 22 payments of only £12.62.

Can I Add MOTs To My Service Plan?

Where applicable MOTs can be included in Jennings Motor Group service plans.

When Can I Start My Service Plan?

It is recommended that a servicing plan immediately after your previous service – for further information please call 0191 357 5296.

Will My Payments Increase?

During the length of your service plan the prices will not increase and are fixed.

What Is Included In My Plan?

Jennings Motor Group service plans include an annual service and oil change for your car.

What Happens If I Sell My Car?

If you decide to sell your car during the length of your plan can be cancelled and no further fees are due.

Can I Cancel My Plan?

The plan can be cancelled at any time during the two year period.

Will I Be Reminded Prior To A Due Service?

Jennings Motor Group contacts customers reminding them of due servicing, however we recommend that you check if your service is due on a regular basis.

*A £12.62 service plan is based on a 2017 Ford Fiesta 1.25 with an annual mileage of 12,500.

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