Driven to distraction

Jennings Motor Group offers soundproofing to avoid family holiday "car-guments"

Jennings Motor Group offers soundproofing to avoid family holiday car-guments

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Jennings Motor Group is offering soundproofing parts and accessories on its Kia Sportage models for any parents who are set to be driven to distraction on family car journeys in the summer holidays.

With the popularity of staycations increasing, Jennings has responded to the pleas of drivers, who are expecting to have to cope with their unruly offspring getting bored on long journeys and arguing with siblings, and is offering a Plexiglass partition, which can reduce the noise from the front seats and back seats of a car – thus allowing any driver much needed peace and tranquillity on the road.

Dale Gillespie from Jennings Motor Group said: “We all love our children dearly, but sometimes long car journeys with them can try the most patient nerves. Drivers want to keep families safe on long journeys, but research shows that drivers who are distracted behind the wheel are responsible for nearly a quarter of road accidents* and 98 per cent of drivers cannot divide their attention while on the road, without a significant deterioration in driving performance**.

“Customer care is at the heart of everything we do at Jennings and our Plexiglass partition is fitted to the dashboard and can be operated at the flick of a switch, quickly separating front and back seat compartments of the car and offering soundproofing. The only thing drivers have to worry about then is what their children are up to in the back of the car.

Last week Eamonn Holmes was in the news for controversially calling for Child-Free Flights during a television debate, highlighting the stress of travelling with children after an incident between a passenger on a plane and a family was reported in the news.

Dale Gillespie continued: “We’re not saying go child-free as we value our family customers - but we are trying to help everyone manage a stressful time by offering unique features on our cars, resulting in a smoother, safer journey. Soundproofing partitions are usually associated with executive limos and Pimp My Ride but we like to think differently here and thought why not introduce this Hollywood-style optional extra to one of our best-selling, family cars so that calm can be restored at the touch of a button?”

The Plexiglass partition is available for a one-off cost of £25,000*.

With the issue of travelling with children being at the forefront, Jennings Motor Group has compiled a list of the top ten things which cause family ‘car-guments’ during summer travel:

Jennings Motor Group Top 10 family car-guments during summer travel

1. Being driven to distraction by children

Are we nearly there yet? Kids bored and fighting in the backseat? We all love our children dearly, but according to Highways England, it takes two hours and 23 minutes into a journey for them to ask if you’re nearly there yet. And 14 minutes for arguments to start. Continue your drive in peace with a soundproofed backseat…or pick a holiday destination within a two hour drive radius.

2. Losing the plot

You just missed the turning. Where was it? Back there. Could you not have told me that before we reached it? If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to invest in a sat nav. With an extra loud volume so you can hear it above all of the children fighting in the backseat.

3. The fast and the furious

Speed limits. They are a limit and not a target. Whether it’s driving too fast or too slow, driving speed is a bone of contention and results in family fall outs. But if your partner is driving you mad with their speed, it might be worth reminding them of why speed limits are in place.

4. Tailgating tension

…as is tailgating the car in front. Sudden braking leads to shouting, stress, sweets and stuffed animals flying all over car interiors.

5. Musical Mayhem

Love Taylor Swift? Your partner doesn’t. Maybe you don’t love Disney songs. But your children do. Be prepared to compromise for the sake of peace….or take earplugs and a bucket load of patience.

6. Snacks…and spillages

The world is divided into two sorts of people. Those who believe eating in cars is fine. And those who twitch at the sight of chocolate and cans of pop for fear of what they do to pristine car interiors. Make life easier for yourself and get some pit stops planned along your route so spillages are avoided.

7. Temperature control

Some like it hot and some prefer a more chilled drive (in more ways than one) Temperature settings in the car create the same tensions as air conditioning in the workplace and pineapple on pizza and can result in everyone losing their cool.

8. Miles to the gallon meltdown

Drivers are increasingly conscious about conserving fuel to save money and reduce energy use. Conserve your energy by avoiding carguments about the best way to drive economically (and if all else fails, here’s some top tips from the AA)

9. Fuelling arguments

Whose job was it to fill up the car with petrol the night before your holiday? Mine? No, it wasn’t, it was yours…leading us swiftly onto…

10. Late starters

Trying to leave the house at a set time? Check. Got children? Check. Two hours behind schedule with all the gear you’re fitting into your car boot like it’s an episode of The Crystal Maze? Check. Having to return home because someone has brought the wrong teddy bear or needs a wee wee after 30 seconds? Check.

For more on Jennings Motor Group, visit www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk.

*Terms and conditions apply, offer subject to availability £5,000 deposit required, due to the custom nature of this product Jennings Motor Group reserve the right to withdraw this product from sale at any time.