If Your Car Was a Supercar: 10 Family Cars Get a Facelift

They get us from A to B every day, but have you ever wondered what your car would look like as a supercar? It seems so unlikely that these brands would ever do it, so we decided to go ahead and give these popular everyday cars a facelift. With these upgrades, they would no doubt give supercars like the Audi R8, Mclaren P1 and the Ford GT a run for their money.


An icon of British popular culture and one of the most influential cars of the 20th century, the Mini first hit the roads in 1959 and has stayed there ever since. In 2001 the Mini Cooper arrived. The modern update gave the brand a new lease of life, whilst lovingly referencing the classic Mini look. We couldn’t help but go a step further to take the Mini into the supercar realm.



The ever popular Renault Clio was launched in 1990 and has consistently been one of Europe's top-selling cars ever since. It is also one of only three cars to have been voted European Car of the Year twice. Modern updates continue to keep this car relevant and popular, but we wanted to give this classic the supercar treatment.



The entire first years production run of Fiat 500s (58,000) sold out within three weeks on its release in 2007 and the car remains hugely popular car all over the world. This practical everyday car was produced by the same company that made Ferraris until recently, so it’s only right that there should be a Fiat supercar.



Drive a Honda Civic? Then the chances are you’ve been subject to a couple of sneers and jeers in your time. The internet is awash with memes mocking this car, but to you it’s reliable, low maintenance and just fine. You’re not alone, the Civic is one of the most frequently sold cars of all time. There would be no arguing with this supercar version.



You don’t have to drive very far before you see that famous VW logo. Often referred to as the German “people’s car”, Volkswagen is the largest European automotive manufacturer in the world. They have also been responsible for supercar brands like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and Bentley. So surely it’s about time for a supercar with that logo on it.



Toyota cars are known for being safe, reliable and most importantly, loaded with advanced technological features. The closest thing Toyota have to a supercar is their FT-1, a pure performance, track-focused sports car. But with hundreds of millions of everyday cars and trucks produced we thought it about time that we saw a Toyota supercar.



When Mercedes-Benz launched the Smart Car it immediately got people talking. But not many at the time would have predicted how popular these tiny cars would become. It’s no surprise that it became so popular. It’s easy to drive, cheap to run and safe. It might be small in size, but it’s huge in every other way and more than deserving of a supercar facelift.



The KIA name is synonymous with value for money and quality. If you want features that are usually reserved for high-end cars for an everyday price then KIA is the answer. The Korean cars are ever popular with families and common all over the world. Not many people are expecting a KIA supercar anytime soon, so we stepped up.


Tesla Motors

Tesla were the first car company to do the seemingly impossible, they made the electric car popular. Tesla entered the media spotlight in 2013 when it unleashed its flagship Model S, which has gone on to become the top-selling luxury sedan in the U.S. They look like everyday cars, but underneath the hood you’ll find something close to supercar power. Now it has the body to match.



These famous Russian cars made in the Soviet Union era were once dubbed a "skip on wheels". A bit harsh we think. Many millions of LADA drivers would agree that these cars are extremely reliable, so enough of the jokes please. We’re sure if the car looked like this it would be no laughing matter.


Imagine how much more exciting the roads would look if everyday cars were designed like this. Car brands; we hope you take note.

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