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Transit Chassis Cab
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Used Ford Transit Chassis Cab for Sale

The Ford Transit Chassis Cab has been designed so that it has the strength of a truck but the agility of a commercial vehicle. This alone makes it a top contender compared to many of its rivals.

The driver's seat can be adjusted eight ways, and it has a built-in armrest for extra comfort. The steering wheel is also adjustable, making it easier to find the ideal driving position.

A well-thought out feature of the Ford Transit Chassis Cab is that the interior has been designed using specific materials to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction. Similarly, the models that have air conditioning have a highly efficient pollen filter, which prevents dust and pollen from entering the cab.

The Ford Transit Chassis Cab is known for its high security standards, including automatically locking doors, an independent backup alarm, and two high-level alarm options for if the car is opened by force.