Part Ex Your Car with Jennings Motor Group

Part Exchange Valuations

Jennings Motor Group will offer a part exchange value for any make or model of vehicle – all we ask is that you provide any relevant paperwork for the vehicle. This includes a valid V5 Vehicle Registration Documents as without it by law we are not allowed to buy your vehicle.

How long is a valuation valid?

Car valuations from Jennings Motor Group are valid for seven days giving you time to think about it without any pressure. Our valuations are valid against the particular vehicle that you have enquired about buying.

How does Jennings Motor Group value part exchange vehicles?

Jennings Motor Group use expert staff to value your vehicle with their vast experience and knowledge. Industry leading data including Glasses and CAP also ensures that any valuation reflects the true current market value.

Free Part Exchange Valuations

How can I increase my part-exchange value?

The appearance of any vehicle can greatly affect its market value. Jennings Motor Group recommends you give it a wash and vacuum – you will be amazed how much better your car can look! Also, ensure that you have all the service history documentation with you when you arrive at the dealership.

Does Jennings Motor Group offer free car valuations?

Jennings Motor Group offers free car valuations for any part exchange vehicle based on current market conditions and trends.

What if my part exchange is an old car?

Don't worry, Jennings Motor Group accepts any vehicle as part exchange – it may even help with the deposit of your new vehicle.

Why should I part exchange my vehicle?

Selling your car by part-exchange removes all the stress from the buying process. There are no strangers calling at home wasting your time or expensive advertising fees to pay, just an upfront honest valuation.

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