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  • Access To Latest Vehicles
  • Taxation Benefits For Companies
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Fixed Price Contracts
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Jennings Ford Transit Centre - Personalised Commercial Contract Hire

Why choose Jennings Ford Transit Centre?

  • Latest Ford Commercial Vehicles available
  • Fixed payments throughout contract length
  • Low monthly payments
  • Quick delivery available

Personal Business Hire Explained

If you are an individual looking for a van then Personal Business Hire maybe the option for you. Allowing you use of a van throughout the length of contract period for fixed monthly payments you simply return the van at the end of the contract with nothing more to pay. A new van can be selected at this point tailored to your latest contract requirements.

Personal Contract Hire Benefits

  • All payments are fixed throughout the contract allowing you to budget
  • Monthly payments can be lower than a traditional personal loan
  • You don't have to worry about depreciation of the van or selling it at the end of the contract
  • You can include all maintenance in the contract if you wish.

Business Contract Hire Explained

Whatever the size of your business Jennings Ford Transit Centre Business Contract Hire can be tailored to your individual business requirements. Allowing you to manage your costs effectively and keep cash flow moving, rental payments can be offset against company profit for taxation purposes rather than tax right downs if bought outright. At the end of your agreed contract you van return your van with nothing else to pay before choosing a new vehicle agreement.

Business Contract Hire Benefits

  • Fixed price throughout the contact length
  • Taxation advantage against outright purchase
  • Monthly payments may be lower than traditional loan
  • No depreciation issues
  • New commercial vehicles increase company image
  • Road fund licence included in payments
  • Option to include maintenance costs – No need to worry about additional costs
  • At end of contract period you can choose new commercial vehicle

Choosing Jennings Transit Centre?

Our specialist Jennings Ford Transit Centre sales team can help tailor our business contract hire and personal contract hire offers to your individual business requirements whatever they maybe. Using our extensive network of commercial vehicles we can offer the latest Ford commercial vehicles at highly competitive prices. Contract lengths can vary to meet your specific needs including 23 and 35 month periods and different mileage allowances. Speak to a specialist member of our commercial team today on 0333 414 9750 to discuss your individual business needs. Remember contract hire can help improve your business's reputation and removes the stress of selling your commercial vehicles in the future.